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By Syed Saqlain Kazmi


Who will buy the Eid stuff for homeless children? How about if we should buy cloths for them? This small dialogue among a sister and a brother was actually the start of a journey which took place with the name of PUKAAR. PUKAAR is an idea a thinking anyone can be  PUKAAR, who is ever ready to help needy. It was a hot sunny day and was a holy month of Ramzan when this conversation took place among these siblings. At the beginning it seemed impossible to them but they didn’t gave up.

At first who will financially supports us? Money was a big hurdle for them but they decided to communicate such message among their friends and family members. As a result, 5000 were collected in just an hour. This response from my friends and family members motivated me to spread this message as much as I can. Said Manzar Abbas,the CEO and founder of PUKAAR welfare organization.

So here the journey began, at the very beginning there were only two team members then two became four, four became ten, and now ten became 50 team members. Idea which was started from a house now its propagated to a district and two became 50.

PUKAAR is not mine, I couldn’t done anything without this motivated and passionate team. If my activist is saying that “I am the member of a social welfare organization and work there as a volunteer”. I suddenly interrupt them by saying that “NO, you are the actual owner” CEO added.

There are a lot of rich people living in Peshawar and looking for deserving people to donate some charity among them but unfortunately huge number of fake beggars cruising on the local roads of Peshawar, have made it difficult for them to identify who is deserving, and who is not.

“According to a study conducted by Pakistan centre for philanthropy shows that Pakistanis give around Rs240 billion (more than $2 billion) annually to charity” The report indicates that about 98 percent of people in the country give in one form or another- if not with cash, then with in-kind donations or by volunteering for needy causes.

Hassan ali mughal is an activist in Pukaar. And is one of those lucky team members who had joined this social welfare at the very first activity. According to him “I am not a very good human being, but at the Day of Judgment or the day when I die and Allah asks me that what have you done on earth? So I can come up with an answer that I have served humanity.

But Hassan seemed very disappointed by saying “whenever I type a text for donations, there are a lot of people who are directly the part of my friends circle and I know that they can afford Rs100 for donation but they see my text and there is no reply. and yes there are some friends who directly call me after receiving the text and asking about the donation amount.

Team Pukaar promise donors by saying, “this is a nonprofit organization working only for noble cause. There is no proper charity collecting method has decided yet but because of this passionate team and family members we are making our journey towards success. Our aim is to serve humanity and spread happiness among people of god. There is no religion bigger than humanity. We can’t change each and everything but we can at least play our part”.

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