Registered Afghan Refugee Can Now Open Bank Account in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced that he had issued directives that registered Afghanis residing in Pakistan, can open bank accounts in Pakistan.

He said and added, “From now onwards they can participate in the formal economy of the country.’’ He added that this should have been done a long time ago. The step was taken in interest to formalized and document the economy, which has long been ignored he however, added no stone will be leave unturned for improvements in the economy. It worth mention here that Pakistan is facing a severe financial crisis in its history.
Pakistan is one of the largest refugee-hosting nations in the world, home to an estimated 2.4 million registered and undocumented people who have fled Afghanistan, some as far back as the Soviet invasion of 1979.
Less than a month after taking office, Prime Minister Khan had in September last year ignited a national debate with a vow to grant citizenship to Afghan refugees born in Pakistan — potentially creating more than a million new citizens.
As opposition parties protested against the proposal, Khan had later justified his remarks but said the government would consult all political parties before taking a final decision on the matter. A large number of Afghan refugees working labor jobs, however, some of Afghanis are trader, have store in major cities, mostly trade in carpet and dry fruits.